About Us

Meet Dave Albrecht, Strategist and Owner of Abundant Business Solutions.

Dave uses a proprietary method to conduct a quick and painless no-risk assessment that typically takes 15 minutes to identify and quantify immediate cost savings and benefit opportunities, such as tax credits or highly tax advantaged exit strategies, for his clients. Dave continues to improve his process over a successful 20+-year-career in the strategic operational efficiency space..

Before forming Abundant Business Solutions, he was founder of Albrecht Enterprises, which specialized in delivering business operations and financial improvement through project management, Lean+, and quality improvement strategies. Dave serves as a senior advisor and agent for Stryde Savings, the nation’s leading full-service stimulus consulting firm.

Dave also served as a senior partner and management specialist in engineering, operations and technology for Boeing, where he managed supplier relationships to meet the functional, operational and business requirements for this $80 billion aerospace conglomerate. He also served as a senior project manager for Boeing, and conducted activities to define, deploy, evaluate, and support common standards, IT processes and tools and performance metrics. He managed ad hoc projects teams of up to 15 members and budgets of up to $15 million, and negotiated several contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.